Professor Tuan Vo-Dinh

Director, Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics

R. Eugene and Susie E. Goodson Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Professor of Chemistry

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Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics

Phone: (919) 660-8520

Fax: (919) 613-9145

Business Manager

August Burns

Department Business Manager



Dr. Hsin-Neng (Jason) Wang

Senior Research Scientist



Tamer Sharaf

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Yang Liu

Research Scientist



Supriya Atta

Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Guy D. Griffin

Senior Scientist Associate

Dr. Stephen J. Norton

Senior Scientist Associate


Graduate Students

Joy Li

PhD Student


Khang Hoang

PhD Student


Tyler Vasse

PhD Student


Jenny Chen

Masters Student


Yuanhao Zhao

Masters Student



Undergraduate Student

Christian Pile

Undergraduate Student


Sabina Yampolsky

Undergraduate Student


Former Members of Vo-Dinh Lab (Duke and ORNL)

Dr. Vanessa Cupil-Garcia (2017-2023), PhD Student

Dr. Ren Abelard Arriola Odion (2016-2023), PhD Student

Mr. Alejandro Gaona (2022-2023), Undergraduate Student

Ms. Jianing (Jenny) Chen (2022-2023), Masters Student

Mr. Ashu Raman (2022-2023), Masters Student

Ms. Tongchatra Watcharawittayakui (2022-2023), Masters Student

Ms. Jolene Chen (2022-2023), Masters Student

Dr. Yongil Park (2021-2023), Visiting Scholar

Dr. Julia Canick (2021-2022), MD Student

Dr. Junghae Cho (2019-2020), Visiting Scholar

Dr. Priya Vohra Dukes (2017-2019), MD Student

Dr. Pietro Strobbia (2016-2020), Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Bridget Crawford (2014-2020), PhD Student

Mr. Juergen Dawes (2019-2020), Masters Student

Mr. Kasey Kwong (2017-2018), Masters Student

Dr. Pali Indrasekara (2016-2018), Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Yang (Ray) Ran (2017-2018), Visiting Scholar

Ms. Yasha Saxena (2016-2018), Masters Student

Mr. Tushar Krishnan (2014-2017), Masters Student

Dr. Hoan Thanh Ngo (2011-2017), PhD Student

Mr. Sean Johnson (2016-2017), Undergraduate Student

Mr. Shuja Rayaz (2016-2017), Masters Student

Ms. Maitreyee Mittal (2015-2016), Masters Student

Dr. Andrew Fales (2010-2016), PhD Student

Ms. Chiara Zaffino (2015), Visiting Scholar

Dr. Janna Register,  Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Hsiang-Kuo (Scott) Yuan, PhD Student

Dr. Naveen Gandra (2013-2015), Associate in Research

Dr. Ambra Giannetti (2013), Visiting Scholar

Dr. Zhao Jing (2012-2013), Visiting Scholar

Dr. Dr. Jong II Rhee (2011-2012), Visiting Scholar

Dr. Jon Scaffidi (2008-2012), Research Scientist

Dr. Anuj Dhawan (2008-2012), Research Scientist

Dr. Gopal Reddy (2009-2012), Research Scientist

Dr. Sean Burrows (2010-2012), Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Benoit Lauly (2009-2012), Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Chris Khoury (2007-2012), PhD Student

Dr. Molly Gregas (2007-2012), PhD Student

Dr. Demet Sag (2011), Visiting Scholar

Dr. Katarzyna Skorupska (2011), Visiting Scholar

Dr. Yan Zhang (2006-2011), Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Michael Canva (2010-2011), Visiting Scholar

Dr. Michael Gerhold (2008-2012), Adjunct Scholar

Mr. You Li (2011-2012), Master Student

Dr. F. Yan (2006-2010), Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Quan Liu (2007-2009), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Kui Chen (2003-2007), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. M. E. Martin (2003-2006), Graduate student

Dr. Musundi B. Wabuyele (2003-2005), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Joon M. Song (2002-2004), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. R. Jagannathan (2003-2004), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Mustafa Culha (2003-2004), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Brian M. Cullum (2000-2003), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Dimitra Stratis-Cullum (2001-2003), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Paul M. Kasili (1999-2004), Graduate student

Dr. Joel Mobley (1999-2003), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Ambra Giannetti (2002-2003), Graduate student

Dr. Leonardo R. Allain (2000-2001), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Zen Chi (1999-2001), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Maria Morena-Bondi (1999), Visiting Scholar

Dr. Murvet Volcan (1999-2000), Visiting Scholar

Dr. Minoo Askari (1998-2001), Graduate student

Dr. N. Isola (1998-1999), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. David A. Landis (1997), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Nelli Taranenko (1996), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Andreas. D. Campiglia (1996-1997), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. D. M. Hueber (1995-1996), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Chris L. Stevenson (1993-1994), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. W. S. Sutherland (1992-1993), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Anjali Pal (1992-1993), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. T. Pal (1992-1993), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. David. L. Stokes (1992-2001), Graduate student

Dr. V. A. Narayanan (1990-1992), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Randy W. Johnson (1988-1989), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Y. F. Cheng (1988- 1989), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. J. Bello (1988-1990), Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Anne Marie Helmenstine (1988-1992), Graduate student

Ms. Wendi Watts, MS (1988-1992), Graduate student

Dr. Alak M. Alak (1987-1989), Postdoctoral fellow

Mr. Ron Moody (1984-1986), Master student

Dr. Paul D. Enlow (1985-1986), Postdoctoral fellow

Mr. Jean-Pierre Alarie, MS (1985-1990), Technical assistant

Dr. David W. Abbott (1984-1985), Postdoctoral fellow

Mr. Gordon Miller (1984-1990), Technical assistant

Dr. Bruce J. Tromberg (1984-1988), Graduate student